Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

For my first cooking lab of the semester, I made a batch of delicious chocolate chip oatmeal cookies! The recipe for the cookies was relatively simple and was a great way for me to get back in to the Centennial kitchen. Since this was such a simple recipe, it was a great way for everyone to get back and used to working in the kitchen at school, using the equipment and getting used to working with each other, which is why we did this lab first. The method for this cookie was a flour mixture and a quick bread, which followed the drop cookie method. This cookie is a drop cookie because the batter is sticky/creamy and needs to be dropped in to the similar size and shape product standard. I was so happy because my process of making the cookies worked out really well, which translated in to the product meeting our standards! My cookies were golden brown, similar size and shape and they were perfectly chewy, just how I like them. For me a challenge in this lab was getting used to working with new people and trying to remember where all the equipment was in the unit, but once I got started it all came back to me. I rated this recipe a 4.5 because we used simple ingredients, that we can pronounce and that aren’t made to last. These cookies don’t have much nutritional value, but they make a delicious snack or desert, which is why I would totally make them again. This lab reminded me of why I love foods and made me so happy to back:)