Gluten free vanilla cupcakes at home!

For one of my labs in quarantine, I decided To make a sweet dessert for my mom, that fit her dietary restrictions. My mom is a coeliac and is not able to eat many different foods, hence why I made such a plain dessert, the gluten free vanilla cupcake! To go along with the cupcake I made a basic buttercream icing. The safety for this lab was oven safety an electric mixer safety. These cupcakes were not the most nutritious, As they have a high sugar content, to hide the texture and taste of the gluten-free flour. Gluten-free flour is often very grainy and has a distinct taste to it, which can ruin the experience of you eating a cupcake. Because these cupcakes were missing the gluten, which often helps pastries and don’t rise, I was really worried that the cupcakes were not going to rise. The product standards of a cupcake is to be soft and moist, golden brown, small peak, and to have a smooth top. I believe that I met product standards, and luckily my cupcakes did rise as they had to leavening agents in them, baking soda and baking powder. The process of making the cupcake was pretty easy as I have made cupcakes in the past but I have never worked with gluten-free flour so it was a new sort of process for me. During the process of making the cupcake I was cleaning up and making sure my kitchen stayed organized. I believe my process was very steady and organized and because Of my organization the products turned out. I did not get to try these cupcakes, as I made them for my mom, but my mom has tried tons of gluten-free desserts and she said that these were some of the best cupcakes she had ever eaten that were gluten-free! My mom said that she would definitely have me make these cupcakes for her again and that she rated them a 5/5!