Grade 12 Inquiry Overview

Over the course of this summer, I will be giving you themes to work with as a class. Each week, I will post what theme we’re tackling and a few reading pieces to explore before we have our classroom discussion.

As noted on your syllabus, these are the thematic discussions we’ll be exploring together:

Seriousness / Language  / Wisdom  / Love / Virtue /  Death /  Innocence /  Sexuality / Equality /  Authority  / Unity

Each week, I will remind you about the theme we will explore together. For example, this week, we will be exploring seriousness. Your job is to explore what this word means and how it is applied to the world as a whole.

The end result of all these discussions will be for you and three other classmates to take one of the themes we’ve explored and show how the other material we’ve covered can be linked. This presentation will be a larger mark, so try your best. I will give you an outline / rubric about three weeks prior to the presentations.


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