Module 1

Part 1: Introduction

Welcome to class! Let’s spend some time getting to know what is expected of you. These are some questions I would like for you to quickly fill out and then we can talk about them.

Teams: This is where I’ll be posting daily events and discussion topics for the semester. You will have small group discussion as well on Teams.

[link to teams?]

Syllabus: This is everything we will be doing throughout the whole class. You can get everything done on your own time, as long as you meet the deadlines. My lectures will all be recorded as well. This is for students who are overseas.

Grade-12-2018-Introduction – summer 2020

Answer these questions:

  1. What are my academic goals this year? To what end will these goals meet?
  2. What are my strengths in English Literature? Be specific.
  3. What are my weaknesses in English Literature? Be specific.
  4. What do you expect out of this class this semester? – This is an important question because each class I’ve designed is tweaked for each dynamic.
  5. What is my expected grade? Why?

Part 2: Introduction to Final Inquiry

Final Inquiry Project:                                                                                              Due August 1st

Seriousness / Language / Wisdom / Love / Virtue / Innocence / Sexuality / Equality / Authority / Unity / kindness

Your job is to explore what this word means and how it is applied to the world.

The inquiry project will be for you and two / three other classmates to take one of the themes we’ve explored and do a 10 (+/-) minute interactive discussion at the end of the year to the class about your chosen theme. This presentation will be a larger mark, so try your best. If you have another theme you want to explore, see me first.

Your final presentation should have the following:

  1. A clear overarching idea that encompasses your chosen theme in an easily accessible manner. In other words: A catchy title.
    1. For example: “Love can be the degradation of modern society”
  2. Research that fits your chosen theme. Use sources from my own blog if you’d like. You can answer the questions on my blog as a grounding pole for your research. You need at least five external sources.
  3. An interesting presentational hook for us to maintain interest. Good examples include visual aids, PowerPoint presentations, handouts (like worksheets) games… anything to make your theme shine. (No Prezi though. I hate Prezi with all my heart.)
  4. A 1000-word piece of writing for me that connects to your presentation. This is a collaborative project so only one per group. You can write in any style you choose. (Reflection, synthesis, narrative, etc.) Just make sure to source your information.)

Don’t worry about doing all of this on your own. Perhaps this is your first inquiry. I will give you a lot of class time to do this and I will help you every step of the way. Innovation, insight and creativity is what I’m looking for.

Here are the sheets that will guide you through the process.:

Inquiry Guided 2 of 5

Inquiry Guided 3 of 5

Inquiry Guided 4 of 5

Part 3: Free Write / Formal Reflection on Theme

Task today:

You will be assigned a theme. This theme will be what you are focusing on the entire semester. This is also a pre-assessment of your skills as English writers. It will be due at the end of the class and you will revisit this theme with every assignment we do.

Arguably, this will be a very individual experience for all of you. You will “own” this theme by the end of the semester.


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