Week 5 – Virtue

Welcome to the world of VIRTUE

This week will be a little different. We are ‘stepping up our game’ if you will. Now that you know more about the style of the class, the teacher, and the unit, I want to propose a challenge that is directly related to the government exam.

The government exam includes umbrella theme statements every year. These statements are tied to all three of the pieces that are included. (The poetry, the prose and the non-fiction essay.)

The final part of the exam is the narrative non fiction writing piece. This piece is what the majority of students struggle with – so I will be dedicating more time to it in class while getting you into the frame of mind that is needed for first year humanities college courses.

So – the theme this week will be directly connected to an actual provincial theme. It is your job in writing to connect the two, no matter how unrelated they might seem at first. Critical and quick thinking are tools that are very overlooked with narratives.

Virtue is:  Wisdom and knowledge, courage, humanity, temperance, justice, & transcendence

Here are three questions to consider:

  1. What is your own view of virtue in modern society? Think about virtue that is a part of socioeconomic and cultural norms (or abnormalities) of today. Also think about current events that contain virtue or vice.
  2. How can virtue be applied to your own life? Would you consider yourself to be virtuous? Be honest with this question.
  3. The important things in life endure over time. How can this be applied to virtue?

Here are some extra curricular pieces to consider when unpacking and connecting these two ideas:





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