About Me

my favorite quote

“when the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful”

– malala yousafzai

The reason I chose this quote was because it’s talking about something I think is really powerful, that if one person uses their voice it can make a big difference. People will begin to follow what that one person who spoke out about that thing. Malala Yousafzai is the person who wrote this quote, she is an amazing woman who stands up for women rights thats why I love her.

Favorite youtube clip

I chose this video because I think that this is so cool and creative. I believe that it takes so much time, strength, and dedication to be able to do these tricks. It is one of my favorite times when I get to watch the world of dance with my family. At the beginning of the season, my family and I vote on who we think will win. Last year my mom picked the winning person and we had to take her out to dinner.

A picture that has impacted me

Image result for kids in africa
To me, this picture represents a lot. It represents that kids in Africa are still able to find the joy in little things, even if the have no water and have to walk kilometers before they can collect it from a water hole. Or they are not able to get an education because their parents can’t afford it and they have to work instead. Or there starving to death because they have no food, or they have a disease and they can’t do anything about because there are no doctors. These are all the things I take for granted, food, water, my education, and my resources. So when I look at this photo it makes me realize how blessed I really am, and when I am having a bad day I just need to think that someone in Africa is still happy even though their day is going worse than mine.

My favorite website

This website has really inspired me over the past few years. It has taught me that I am so lucky to be who I am and to live where I do. I am very fortunate to have resources like a hospital, doctors office, and dentist. This website is about helping kids with a cleft pallet who don’t have enough money for surgery, like in third world countries. So for a few years now every time I have gotten money from my birthday I’ve donated to this website since they need it more than me.

Two cool things that happened on my birthday

  • In 1999 Helen Clark becomes first elected female Prime Minister of New Zealand
  • – I thought that this was really interesting and amazing that the first women Prime Minister was elected on my birthday, I feel that if this awesome thing happened on this day, I can do great things too.
  • In 2005 First partial human face transplant completed Amiens, France
  • – I think that it is really cool to have the first human face transplant not only on the day I was born but on the year as well.

My wordcloud

The reason I chose all these words was because they all represent a different part of me. Like, I’m goofy when I’m around my friends, or I like to help other people and make people smile. Everyone has an identity, these words make up mine.

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