Music Monday “LAND” Map Assignment: Self Assessment

Curricular Response

It was quite easy for me to choose the quotations I was going to use. The lyrics that I found to be most captivating I wanted to use. One of the quotes chosen was “Living in peace – you see thousands of teepees”. From this quote, it was quite easy to draw a picture as all I did was draw a few teepees on some mountains. This was also a representation of before their land was taken from them, they had a peaceful life and their community was strong.

Core Competency Self-Assessment

I overall enjoyed this assignment as it was very different and more creative than the assignments we usually have. However, with the creativity came some challenges for me. For example, I didn’t know what map to choose at first but ultimately ended up choosing the turtle as I had an idea of where I was going to draw things inside of it. Another problem that arose was in the beginning, I had all my quotations and binary opposites but was struggling with what to draw. In the end, I drew pictures that related to the quotes I already has. Ex. if the quote mentioned peace I drew a peace sign.