Knife Skills

For this lab, I had to make an omelet. I was actually really excited to make this because I had never tried one and it looked really delicious. When I found out we needed to use a knife to chop up veggies I was a little scared. But when I was actually preparing it, it was going well. It was definitely a little messy when I was chopping up the veggies. All the pieces were the same and I remembered to put my potatoes in the microwave beforehand. Also, I decided not to put the cheese in my omelet because I would have not eaten it and it would have goon to waste. Since to do not like cheese. when we were actually cooking the omelets I had my burner up to high so I almost burnt my omelet but I turned it down and it didn’t burn. My partner and I had made beautiful looking omelets with only one miss hap.

Before we made anything we had a demonstration on the right way of how to hold a knife. We also needed to know how to cut the veggies properly. You want to make sure all the veggies are cut to the right shape because it will affect your final presentation. we had dice our pieces pretty small keeping them all the same size. How you would hold your knife would be by, using your thumb and pointer finger to grip and hold the handle then you use a rocking motion when you are cutting your veggies. You want to make sure the blade of the knife doesn’t leave the cutting board.

My Perfect Omelet
(or at least in my mind) 🙂
(P.S I am very sorry, I do not have an actual picture of my knife skills.)