Chemistry 11 Core Competency Reflection

Titration Conclusion:

The purpose of this lab was to use the technique known as titration to find out the concentration of certain substances. The molarity of a standard solution is reacted with a solution of an unknown concentration. Acid-base titrations involve a neutralization between aqueous hydrogen and hydroxide ions. The hydroxide ions from the NaOH solution react with a 1-to-1 ratio of H ions from HCl to form neutral water molecules. To indicate the number of moles of acids equals the number of moles of bases we use phenolphthalein. This is known as the equivalence point. For my results in this lab, I first found the NaOH to find the moles of HCl then used moles over litters to figure out my molarity. I got 0.152M as my HCl.

My Refection:

After watching Ms. Borges show us how to do the lab I was very scared to do this lab as we only were able to ask Ms. Borges 2 questions before she docked marks. Luckily, my partner and I were able to pull it off and finish the lab within the first day. We had some troubles at first with getting the correct concentration. But once we did, we were able to get a very light pink colour that lasted 30 seconds.


I chose to reflect on my communication skills for this Lab because I believe my partner and I were able to talk with each other about what needed to be done for this Lab. As we were going through the lab and after we set everything up we started our experiment. I calculated all the volumes as we were told only one of us should so the recordings are more accurate. Loreen and I spoke to each other as each one of us poured NaOH into the solution so we could see if we could get light pink that would last in colour. We also made sure to listen to each other when one of us said to start adding half drops. Loreen and I worked well together because we talked to each other throughout the experiment and were able to achieve a light pink-coloured solution.


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