Cooking at home #7 – Family Traditions

For my Dish this week I decided I would make something really nostalgic for my family. That dish is pasta! every Thursday my family and I would have pasta, and every time the pasta would be severed with tomato sauce. This was something I loved eating as a child, but as my brothers and I got older my parents stopped making it. So, it was really great to go back and have it again. It brought up a lot of memories for me and almost made me cry. How I made this dish was very simple, first I started off by boiling and salting some water. Then, I wait for the water to boil and added in my pasta. Next, I strained my streaming hot pasta and added it to my favorite bowl. Lastly, I mixed up the sauce and added it on top of the pasta, then I stirred it all together and enjoyed it. Surprisingly for the first time, I did not face any challenges through making the pasta. My favorite part of the dish was the end result just the taste of the Jared sauce and the pasta mixed together brought back so many happy memories. Even though this dish is very simple and easy it means a lot to me and I would never want to forget all the great times this pasta gave me. Lastly, when I used to eat the dish with my family my favorite part was when my dad would come home and we would eat it all together. Sometimes, my mom would make her own sauce or add in meatballs, but this is how I member it the most.

Cooking at home – using what you have

Today I decided I would make some dinner for my family with what we already had at home. So, I made Chicken, mushroom, linguine pasta in a creamy white sauce. For this dinner, I asked my mother to help me because I didn’t want to wreak our dinner. First, we started by boiling the linguine pasta in some salty water. Then, I cooked up some chicken breast with some different spices (with a little help from my mom). Next, we made a creamy white sauce from scratch and added in the mushrooms. lastly, I added the noodles and chicken into the cream white mushroom sauce. My mom had made this dish before, so I did not need to use a recipe because my mother told me all the amounts of ingredients. If I were to make this recipe again I would try to make the sauce thinner because I was really thick. Before I made this recipe I was really nervous to cook raw meat because I didn’t want to undercook the meat nor make it dry by overcooking it. When I started cooking the chicken I got my mother to take over at the end, because I wanted to make sure it was fully cooked. The best thing that happened during cooking this dish, was the end result. It tasted so delicious and I could get enough of it. I am most proud of making a dish for my entire family, and it wasn’t just a snack it was a full meal.

PS I’m sorry I do not have a picture of my face.

Cooking at Home – Using what you already have

This week, I really wanted a challenge for myself, something I would never make but would eat it in a restaurant. So, that is why I decided to attempt to make prawns and linguine pasta in homemade butter and garlic sauce. first, I went into my freezer and saw a bag of uncooked prawns then the idea popped into my head. I will make some linguine pasta! so, I got out the ingredients I needed. I knew that I didn’t want to go for just plain old alfredo sauce, so I asked my mother what sauce she thought would be good and she said I should do a garlic butter sauce. So that’s what I did. She gave me guidance on how to make the sauce.

First I put some water in a medium pot and let it come to a boil. When I heard bubbles begin to pop I knew it was time to add my thin and delicate linguine pasta to the slightly salty water. while that was going I made the sauce, first, I put some salted butter into a pan and while I did that I heard the butter begin sizzle so I turned the heat down just a little. Then I chopped up some garlic and threw it in the pan with the butter, the strong scent of garlic hit my face as it was put in. Then I add a bit of olive oil and let it sit for a moment as I checked on the pasta. The pasta was so delicate while I was straining it. I added in the noncooked prawns to the sauce, a fishy scent wafting toward me hit my nose from the prawns. I let that cook then added in my pasta to the sauce, everything was starting to come together and smell amazing. lastly, I put it into a bowl and topped it off with some fresh parmesan.

Next time I would change the amount of prawn to noodles. It was just a little too many prawns for not enough noodles, so I would add more noodles and fewer prawns. I also was able to keep cooking even though I had burned myself on a hot pan when I was beginning to cook this meal. I ran my hand under cold water and then pushed through to make the food. Furthermore, I was so proud of myself that I was able to make a dish that I thought was going to be difficult, and I did it all by myself and it looked beautiful. lastly, I am excited that I now know how to cook another thing and now can help out my parents by making this dish once a week for them.

Here is a picture of the pasta!