Buddha Bowl

Last week, for are cooking at home assignment we were asked to make Buddha bowls. At first, I had no idea what a buddha bowl was until I looked up some pictures and saw that a buddha bowl was basically a big salad. I was really excited to make this but I was nervous to cook raw meat because I wanted to add chicken to mine. I now realize that a buddha bowl is supposed to be vegetarian, but it’s okay. So, I cut the chicken into cubs so they were easier to cook, then put the chicken into a pan and started cooking it which I was so scared that the chicken wasn’t going to be fully cooked. In the end, though I had fully cooked my chicken and it was super juicy. I cut up all the veggies into thin strips and made some brown rice for the base of the bowl. I put some zucchini into a pan and began to cook it with some spices unit tender. Then, I began stacking everything in order so that the bowl would look aesthetically pleasing. First, I put down the healthy brow rice at the bottom. Next, I added in some romaine lettuce to give the bowl some crunch, and then on tope added in my veggie which was avocado, for creaminess, carrots for some crunch, Zucchini for some flavor and my chicken for some texture. My favorite thing about making this bowl was the end result, It tasted really delicious and looked so beautiful.

This is how my buddha bowl turned out!!