Cooking at Home – #5 Working as a team

This week I really wanted to do something nice for my mother since she has been doing everything in the house. I decided I was going to do my job which is unloading the dishwasher but load it as well which is my brother’s job. I also cleaned our bathroom this week because it really needed to be cleaned and I set the table every day so my mother didn’t have to. At the end of this week, it felt really good to help people in my family out. It felt rewarding to me knowing that I made my moms and bothers day just a little bit better. My mother is very thankful that I did this for her and I think I will keep cleaning the bathroom along with setting to table every day. She also, liked that I was unloading the dishes without her having to ask me. when COVID 19 came I knew that I would be unloading the dishwasher more and doing more chores, but I haven’t really my family is only had one big clean so far which was us cleaning out our shed and raking the pile of leaves. When I first started to clean the bathroom I was nervous to clean the toilet but after I found out how to do it, it wasn’t that bad. The reason I did this for my brother is because our relationship hasn’t been the best lately and so I wanted to show him that I care about him by doing his dishes. This was such an amazing experience and I hope that you can do something for your family during this time.

Sorry, this is the only picture I took and I don’t have one with my face in it.