Cooking at home – using what you have

Today I decided I would make some dinner for my family with what we already had at home. So, I made Chicken, mushroom, linguine pasta in a creamy white sauce. For this dinner, I asked my mother to help me because I didn’t want to wreak our dinner. First, we started by boiling the linguine pasta in some salty water. Then, I cooked up some chicken breast with some different spices (with a little help from my mom). Next, we made a creamy white sauce from scratch and added in the mushrooms. lastly, I added the noodles and chicken into the cream white mushroom sauce. My mom had made this dish before, so I did not need to use a recipe because my mother told me all the amounts of ingredients. If I were to make this recipe again I would try to make the sauce thinner because I was really thick. Before I made this recipe I was really nervous to cook raw meat because I didn’t want to undercook the meat nor make it dry by overcooking it. When I started cooking the chicken I got my mother to take over at the end, because I wanted to make sure it was fully cooked. The best thing that happened during cooking this dish, was the end result. It tasted so delicious and I could get enough of it. I am most proud of making a dish for my entire family, and it wasn’t just a snack it was a full meal.

PS I’m sorry I do not have a picture of my face.

What’s the word around town – Invermere

My Reflection:

It was very easy for me to get information about Invermere because last summer I visited there. Also, all the information was really clear online and gave a good idea of what it would be like to visit some of the landforms as well as see the town in the winter.

 When I had to think of things in the future, I look at the present day and guess what things were going to look like in 25 years from what things are like today. I thought about the concerns we would have in the future and use that to figure out the solutions. I also, looked at the past to see if that could help me get an idea.

I am very happy with the ideas that I had and the solutions I made. Also, it took me some time to figure out where I was going to put everything, but once I figured it out, I was pleasantly surprised by how it looked.

I think if I were to do this project over or do it again, I would change my wording and the vegetation section of my map just because I think I could have done it a little bit better. Overall, I am very impressed by myself for doing the best of my abilities and I really love Invermere. It was so great that I got to learn some more about a town that’s beautiful.

My Bibliography

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Cooking at Home – #5 Working as a team

This week I really wanted to do something nice for my mother since she has been doing everything in the house. I decided I was going to do my job which is unloading the dishwasher but load it as well which is my brother’s job. I also cleaned our bathroom this week because it really needed to be cleaned and I set the table every day so my mother didn’t have to. At the end of this week, it felt really good to help people in my family out. It felt rewarding to me knowing that I made my moms and bothers day just a little bit better. My mother is very thankful that I did this for her and I think I will keep cleaning the bathroom along with setting to table every day. She also, liked that I was unloading the dishes without her having to ask me. when COVID 19 came I knew that I would be unloading the dishwasher more and doing more chores, but I haven’t really my family is only had one big clean so far which was us cleaning out our shed and raking the pile of leaves. When I first started to clean the bathroom I was nervous to clean the toilet but after I found out how to do it, it wasn’t that bad. The reason I did this for my brother is because our relationship hasn’t been the best lately and so I wanted to show him that I care about him by doing his dishes. This was such an amazing experience and I hope that you can do something for your family during this time.

Sorry, this is the only picture I took and I don’t have one with my face in it.

Cooking at Home: Building your skills – Technique #4

For this lab, I really wanted to challenge myself by making something that takes a lot of effort and time. I made macarons for the first time, and it turned out great. The reason I wanted to make macarons was because there the first thing I want to get for dessert and since they are so so delicious to eat. I also, thought that if I could make them at home I would be able to save my parents a lot of money because macarons are expensive. The recipe I used was from a website called Tasty, who I’ve actually heard about before and makes lots of different recipes and videos on food. The recipe was very straight through and detailed. If I could go back and give myself some advice before I made the macrons I would say read the instructions properly maybe a few times and don’t over mix the mixture. also, for anyone else who wanted to make macarons, I would say go for it just don’t be intimidated.

This recipe took me two and a half hours to make because there was a lot of waiting time. Almost half the time is waiting. At one point into making the macarons, I overmixed the egg whites so I couldn’t add in the sugar that I needed too. So, I had to restart my egg whites. But that’s the only thing I had trouble with. I was very happy when the macarons came out, they did not rise that much but a was so pound of myself for even attempting these. I also had so much fun making buttercream frosting for the middle of the macarons that I had never made. The flavor was a vanilla macaron with vanilla buttercream frosting. I will definitely make these again and again and try to make them perfect. Next time, I want to experiment with different flavors, maybe a salted caramel or strawberry.

This is before I cooked the macarons
This is after the macarons cooked for about 17 minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit

Cooking at Home – Using what you already have

This week, I really wanted a challenge for myself, something I would never make but would eat it in a restaurant. So, that is why I decided to attempt to make prawns and linguine pasta in homemade butter and garlic sauce. first, I went into my freezer and saw a bag of uncooked prawns then the idea popped into my head. I will make some linguine pasta! so, I got out the ingredients I needed. I knew that I didn’t want to go for just plain old alfredo sauce, so I asked my mother what sauce she thought would be good and she said I should do a garlic butter sauce. So that’s what I did. She gave me guidance on how to make the sauce.

First I put some water in a medium pot and let it come to a boil. When I heard bubbles begin to pop I knew it was time to add my thin and delicate linguine pasta to the slightly salty water. while that was going I made the sauce, first, I put some salted butter into a pan and while I did that I heard the butter begin sizzle so I turned the heat down just a little. Then I chopped up some garlic and threw it in the pan with the butter, the strong scent of garlic hit my face as it was put in. Then I add a bit of olive oil and let it sit for a moment as I checked on the pasta. The pasta was so delicate while I was straining it. I added in the noncooked prawns to the sauce, a fishy scent wafting toward me hit my nose from the prawns. I let that cook then added in my pasta to the sauce, everything was starting to come together and smell amazing. lastly, I put it into a bowl and topped it off with some fresh parmesan.

Next time I would change the amount of prawn to noodles. It was just a little too many prawns for not enough noodles, so I would add more noodles and fewer prawns. I also was able to keep cooking even though I had burned myself on a hot pan when I was beginning to cook this meal. I ran my hand under cold water and then pushed through to make the food. Furthermore, I was so proud of myself that I was able to make a dish that I thought was going to be difficult, and I did it all by myself and it looked beautiful. lastly, I am excited that I now know how to cook another thing and now can help out my parents by making this dish once a week for them.

Here is a picture of the pasta!

Knife Skills

For this lab, I had to make an omelet. I was actually really excited to make this because I had never tried one and it looked really delicious. When I found out we needed to use a knife to chop up veggies I was a little scared. But when I was actually preparing it, it was going well. It was definitely a little messy when I was chopping up the veggies. All the pieces were the same and I remembered to put my potatoes in the microwave beforehand. Also, I decided not to put the cheese in my omelet because I would have not eaten it and it would have goon to waste. Since to do not like cheese. when we were actually cooking the omelets I had my burner up to high so I almost burnt my omelet but I turned it down and it didn’t burn. My partner and I had made beautiful looking omelets with only one miss hap.

Before we made anything we had a demonstration on the right way of how to hold a knife. We also needed to know how to cut the veggies properly. You want to make sure all the veggies are cut to the right shape because it will affect your final presentation. we had dice our pieces pretty small keeping them all the same size. How you would hold your knife would be by, using your thumb and pointer finger to grip and hold the handle then you use a rocking motion when you are cutting your veggies. You want to make sure the blade of the knife doesn’t leave the cutting board.

My Perfect Omelet
(or at least in my mind) 🙂
(P.S I am very sorry, I do not have an actual picture of my knife skills.)

Safety and Sanitation

I made banana muffins and added chocolate chips into it, after Mrs. Labossiere said it was okay. I was really excited to make the muffins because I have made them at home and they are amazing. I was really good at making sure the ingredients were all measured out. but I struggled with putting in and taking out the muffins because I am really scared of heat. I was very concerned about the egg in the batter but is just cooks into it I was also nevus to eat banana in it since I hate bananas but once I added chocolate in it tasted delicious , i tried to keep my station as clean as possible by keeping wiping the tables and regularly washing my hands after I touched things like raw egg. I had so much fun making it.

these are the best muffins

My Digital Footprint

when I had googled my name nothing had come up about me. So, then I decided to search for my name and the city I am from, I was pleasantly surprised by what came up. Only an old post about my soccer team from when I was little about us winning a remembrance day torment. Not even my Instagram came up. Then, I go into images and the pictures that came up were all old soccer photos. my existing digital footprint is all positive and very small. it does not showcase me, of the sports now and is placed in the past. When you look up my digital footprint you can tell I don’t have a lot of information on me but could tell I was successful when I did play soccer.

my old soccer team

one example of the “5 C s” is Cautious sharing of information. On my digital footprint, I am very safe and always protective of what I am posting. All my social media accounts are private. I never show anyone something that I know could affect the rest of my life. Like, getting into university or knowing that someone could look up my name before a job interview and know everything about me. If they do search my name up, I want them to only see good things. also, whatever you post online will be there forever and if you are posting things about your friends and family members that are inappropriate there online forever and you will probably lose a few friends. So, it is very important to think before you say something or post something, and to have all your accounts on social media private.

Three strategies that I use to keep my digital footprint appropriate and safe. first, I make sure that all my accounts online are private and only allow people I know to follow it. next, I make sure that my friends do not post any inappropriate or bad pictures of me that I don’t want on the internet. lastly, keep everything on a low profile. I was really happy when I did not find a lot of stuff about me online because I do not want other people on the internet knowing who I am.

I learned so much from this project and didn’t realize how dangerous the internet actually is and how easy it is for someone to see your whole life just from your name. Some advice I would give to other students is, protect yourself don’t go posting something because you see another person posted it. Also, don’t send inappropriate photos to some person you like because it will only haunt you in the future. Lastly, keep your social media accounts just to people you know don’t let a bunch of strangers follow you because you have no idea their age or what their intentions are.


Jenise Ville, Our Utopian City

Jenna and I worked very hard on this project and are excited to share it with you.


Nature- An important value to us is the appearance of the world and having a lot of greenery in it. In our project, we have made sure that there’s lots of open space of greenery and we did this, so it creates a calming environment for everyone. When sienna was little, her parents took her to lots of greenery parks and told her to enjoy it because they predicted that they wouldn’t have such parks like this when they were older. We would like the children to experience something more than technology.
Happiness/Joy- One thing we want and believe in our city is to have contentment and joy. We both didn’t have the happiest lifestyle growing up and we think everyone should live with something good because otherwise, you would just be sad. We want them to have a cheerful and bright childhood and they could always look back on their past and think about all its wonders. 
Peace- Peace is a big thing for our community. We don’t want any wars or fights happening. There would be a wavier handed to everyone who lives in Jenise Ville saying that this is a peaceful land and they can’t make it unpeaceful or purposefully make it unsafe. This is important to sienna because her great grandfather fought in world war 2 and sadly passed. This is the main reason why we think peace is very important and plays such a big role in sienna’s life and would play in our city. 
Welcoming- We thought it would make everyone feel more welcomed and accepted to have a safe place to go once a week with a group of people experiencing the same things as another. We would have an LGBTQ+, recovering addicts, teen moms, etc… Groups. This helps people know that they always have someone who cares and is going through the same thing, so they understand you. When Jenna was in middle school, she was put into girls’ group and it would help her with whatever problems she was facing so, we wanted to interpret that into our city.
Family- In our world/town, we wanted it to be a close community where children can play without having the feeling of it being too unsafe. The way we designed our town is having the houses be built as a neighborhood and have our greenery park to be right by the neighborhood. We would also want families to try and stay as close as possible so every Friday at the community center, they would host a family night with games, movies and fun activities. We both think family is important, so we wanted our community to be close to theirs. 


School – we have a school because we want kids to socialize with other kids and get to know the community. 
Nature/garden place– this is where people come to see all the beautiful plants and people get to immure it.
A community center and a community square– we have put down a community center because this is where people can sign up for activities and meet new people. Also, we have a community square where people come to meet one another. One of our main focuses at Jenise Ville is to welcome everyone and make them feel like they’re part of a family.
Housing– all houses are close to one another so you can meet new people and there is more space for nature to grow. Also, all housing in Jenise Ville is very affordable and we encourage most people once they’ve gotten to know one another to carpool, walk or bike places in Jenise Ville. 

My Tribute Costume

This is my tribute costume

This costume is the outfit that I would want to be wearing if I were going into the Hunger Games. Firstly, I am wearing a black and gray bodysuit that I chose to give me warmth for the night and keep me cool through the day. I also have blue and black shoulder pads on to protect me from the other districts injuring me. My hair is blonde so that in the dark it could give me so light because it would be able to glow. Furthermore, I have a gray necklace on to remind me of my mother since gray is her favorite colour when I feed sad during the games. I would also have some dark angle wings so I could fly through the air over all my other competiters. In addition, I would have an utility belt with all the items I need like a flashlight, a thin blanket, a nife and a box of granola bars. My nails would be short so they would’nt get in the way of anything or collect dirt. On my feet I would have some comfy shoes so my feet would’nt be in pain. Lastly, I would have a pet raven who would spy on the other people in the area, and give me where they are hiding. My outfit would benifit my in so many different ways.

I am a confident, creative, smart girl who loves to design different things. This project was so much fun to be able to create a outfit for my charater to go into the hunger games. I was able to generate my ideas through really crictical thinking and making my costume. I also enjoyed being able to create my own costume and create it how it repesents me. Next time we do another project like this I would like to use a more complex website to make my charater. Also I learned that I can make my own character and found out how to do it as well.