“Cooking at home” All in One Sponge

This dessert was a two sponge cakes sandwiched with ice-cream and fresh raspberries. I was a little worried about making sponge cake since I had never done it before and also don’t make cakes that often anyways. The process of making the cakes was fun for me and I really enjoyed watching them rise in the oven. When the cakes cooled down they were a bit uneven and not level, I also noticed that I added to much sugar and it had a caramelized bottom and was shinny. When I went to serve it I had to think about what to put in between the two cakes I was going to go with a raspberry jam but then decided that it would be too sweet, so I decided to go with ice-cream and fresh raspberries.

I am giving myself 4 stars because even though my cakes didn’t turn out completely u was able to realize what happened to them and learn from my mistakes. another reason is because even though I added to much sugar it still tasted good and complimented the vanilla ice-cream and fresh raspberries.

Breakfast Home Lab

This was our first home brunch, to do a 3 meal brunch. I did a bubble and squeak with egg muffins, I also did a strawberry banana smoothie. The brunch was difficult for me planning wise, mainly that of being when to start each thing and my time management. My eggs were simple with bacon and Italian seasoning, they were a big hit. the Bubble and squeak was more of a trouble though. I found it challenging to brown the mash potatoes, flip them and get them to stay together. In the end they stuck together, but was a bit crumbly. Over all I got to try new things and learn new things too, and my family really like my meal, so I would say this lab was a success.

I give myself four stars because I had some difficulties but over all I was able to learn new things and my meal was tasty.

Potato Hash

This was our last meal we cooked in class be for quarantine. we got to use a lot of great ingredients like bacon, eggs potatoes, turnips and cheese. in this dish I was really able to practice my knife skills, sautéing and use of seasonings ( I ended up giving it a bit more spice then I wanted too). I think next time I make this I would work on my presenting of the dish more, to make it look more appealing. I was really happy with my partner and I because we were able to use our time wisely so that we had time to eat and clean up before the = end of class. In the future I would like to make this again for my family.

I’m giving myself 5 stars because I got to use a lot of skills and I used my time wisely.

Pineapple Delight

I personally found this dessert to be too sweet. I would probably make this dessert again, but I would try a different recipe. This was a layered dessert with crushed graham crackers at the bottom, then an egg mixture, topped with a whip cream with canned pineapples folded in. Although this was an easy dessert to make it required quite a few steps which included mixing graham crackers with melted butter and baking it. After that I had to cream the egg, softened butter, vanilla and powdered sugar and freeze it for a few minutes. we then had to drain the pineapples and fold them into the whip cream and refrigerating it before eating it.

I give myself 4 out of 5 stars because I wasn’t the fastest at my cooking and was a bit behind at times but overall I did well.

Mexican Rice

I really enjoyed making this rice dish. It was super flavorful and wasn’t too difficult to make. When making this dish I was really able to experiment o spices figuring how much I needed and which ones went well together. One of our goals were for the dish to be colourful and tasty which I believed it was. My partner and I were successful with our meal and successful by getting the meal ready in time and cleaning up before the class was over. I was able to work on my cutting skills and also learnt to not put the garlic in with the onions, so that it doesn’t burn.

I give myself 5 stars because the rice turned out how I wanted it to do and I was proficient with my time.

Veggie Frittata your Way

This dish was fairly easy to make. We had to choose a vegetable combination to put in our frittata. My partner and I choose peppers, zucchini, and spinach for our frittata and topped it off with feta cheese. With this dish I was really able to work on my knife skills since there were so many vegetables to cut, I also got to practice sautéing. The product standards for the frittata were to be colourful, thick, held together and to be cooked through.

I give myself five stars because in this lab I worked efficiently, the food tasted good and it looked as I wanted it to.

” Cooking at home” Shepard’s Pie

I made this meal on a rainy day, so my family really wanted it. Shepard’s pie is a dish made with ground beef with vegetables covered with potatoes. I had a little trouble with my timing and getting everything ready on time, like heating up my potatoes ahead of time so they are warm. First I cooked the ground beef, then I added the vegetables and some gravy when it was all done I put it into a bowl, added potatoes over it and topped it off with cheese, it then went into the oven to finish off. It felt a bit rushed to me but in the end the dish turned out well and tasted as I wanted it to. I don’t think I will make this dish again as it was not my favourite to make, although I would help my mom make it if she needs help.

I give four stars out of five because my meal was rushed and my prep, but it still turned out well and tasted good.

Shakshuka with Feta

This is shakshuka it is a breakfast originates from North Africa. I really enjoyed making and eating this dish, it was something new and not very hard to make. The product standards were that it had to be flavourful and tender eggs, which I was able to achieve with my partner. An important step in this recipe was to not burn the spices, luckily we didn’t burn them and we ended up making the dish really spicy too.

I give this recipe 5 stars it was super flavourful and we were able to finish the dish on time and did it right.

Sunny Side Up Egg

This recipe was the beginning of our break fast unit. We did this recipe to learn timing and also so we could see if the egg we made would be the one we would use in our breakfast sandwich. Making this egg for a lab was probably the easiest and my least favourite lab because I have made a lot of eggs in my life, but I still enjoyed eating it. In the end my egg turned out how I wanted it with the yolk a bit cooked but still runny.

4 Out Of 5 Stars Clipart
I give this recipe four stars out of five because it was easy and basic, it went well and tasted pretty good. I would makes this again because I have eggs often for breakfast.

Breakfast sandwich

This was the first recipe that we had to come up with all on our own, it was a breakfast sandwich. In this we used one of the eggs that we learned and remade the scones form before too. One of the biggest parts to doing this recipe was time management, that was the hardest peart to this lab. My goal was to finish this sandwich on time and meet all of my product standards. I just barely finished my sandwich on time which was very stressful. My product standards were that it would be colourful, good consistency, golden brown scones and to have a smoky smell. My sandwich was al that plus being really big, so I was really happy with that.

I give this recipe 5 stars because it was hard but, I got it done and had good mise en place. It was also very delicious and I would make it again.