English 12 Writing: Self- Reflection

Curricular Response

Explain how this paragraph reflects both the strengths and the weaknesses in your writing. For example, what in this paragraph is good writing that you will continue make sure you do, and then what about this paragraph is something you might change in order to improve your writing.

I was not proud of my first attempt at this paragraph so when we were given the opportunity to revise it I gladly accepted. My strongest features of this piece are the phrase flow and concise wording. I believe that once I started editing my original work I focused heavily on those elements to build a strong paragraph. I am constantly trying to implement these components into my writing because I feel that they appropriately pull a piece together. If there was anything I would consider a weakness in this piece it would be my generalization and how it connects to the topic. I am happy with how I structured the generalization however, it does not directly flow into rest of the write. Overall I am quite pleased with my work and will try to take what I have learned from it into my next writing piece.

Core Competency Self Reflection

Think generally about you and writing: describe what writing is like for you? easy? Hard? Why is it easy or hard? Or what specific parts are easy or hard? Or what kinds of writing is easier or more enjoyable for you than others? Do you write outside of a formal school situation? How ? when? What is that like?

For as long as I can remember, writing has always been a powerful way of showcasing my thoughts, emotions, and ideas. I would never say that writing is an easy task for me because more often than not I do struggle to find the words I want to express myself. I struggle to overcome this, but I recognize that this challenge is a common aspect of the creative process. Embracing this difficulty allows me to refine and clarify my thoughts, pushing me to explore other ways to communicate my ideas effectively. However, when I am talking about a topic I am interested or connected to I notice how smoothly the words flow. I prefer creative writing where you have more freedom rather than heavily structured paragraphs because I feel I am able to be more innovative. I try to grow and advance my writing skills by editing my pieces a lot as well as reading books. I have found that when I read more my brain is quicker at building sentences and detecting strong word choices. As I continue on in life I want to take these strategies and techniques with me to continuously improve my writing.


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