My Model Town

Creating A Model Factory Town

Name of the town: Millstone Village

Company Name: Grant Lumber Incorporated

Resources Available: Water, coal, lumber, crops, livestock

Elements of the town: Sawmill, Housing, Farmland, Rivers, Coal Mine, Factories, Barns

Population: 274

Explanation / Brief History: Millstone is an up and coming town founded in 1822 by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miller. They have been married for 22 years and have three beautiful young children together . Their family loved each other very much but they never had enough money for rent or to buy a home so they would get in arguments a lot. One day Mr. Miller decided he had had enough and took him and his entire family across the country looking for a fresh start. After days on the road Mr. Miller finally decided that this was it, this was the land he and his family would put down roots. After a few weeks of them living in what is now Millstone village, Mr. Miller invited his good friend Mr. Samuel Copestone to their new home. Mr. Copestone was a bachelor born into a wealthy family and as soon as he saw the land he knew what he wanted to do with his fortune. Mr. Copestone sat down and talked with Mr. and Mrs. Miller about co-founding a town together. Mr. Miller loved this idea and was right on board to get started. Now just over 12 years later their village has grown immensely with over 200 residents, 50 plus buildings, many opportunities for work and is constantly expanding and growing.

Media Fluency Reflection

A. How was the ease of access in building the town, and what software did you use specifically?

Building my town was easier than expected but it took awhile to get the hang of. I used the software ‘Roll For Fantasy’ as requested by the ADL teachers, and I enjoyed playing around with the different designs I could do. If I ever needed to do something like this again I would defiantly use this website because of the simple layout and how easy it was to navigate.

B. Were you able to apply the skills you learned in the planning stages appropriately to a digital environment?

Before actually creating my design I drew it out on a piece of paper to see if I liked the look of it or not. I tried my best to fit the description of the town into the design for a more realistic understanding. So, yes.

C. What were the sources you researched that made this an “authentic make-believe” town?

I used 2 different sources to try and get as precise as possible. The first source I used was just using google and looking up different pictures and drawings of factory towns. Doing this helped me to get the main idea of what these towns all have in common and then creating one design with the information. The last source I used was reading the book ‘Lyddie’ by Katherine Paterson in my Social Studies 9 class. ‘Lyddie’ is about a very poor young girl that works at a factory during the Industrial Revolution. When I read about the town Lyddie lives in, it is described in my opinion very similar to my design.

D. Is there other software online that could have done the job better? Explain.

There is defiantly other software that could do a better job, however I would still use Roll For Fantasy. Other websites may have a better look to the finished product, but if you just want to be efficient and get it done I would recommend Roll For Fantasy.

Most Successful Foods Lab: Vegetable Pot Pie

My most successful lab I feel was my Vegetable Pot Pie because we finished it in a good time period, it tasted really good and also looked really pretty. It smelled like a biscuit, tasted like veggies and a flakey crust, looked colourful, and felt creamy. I choose this as my most successful lab because it tasted so good and flavorful, looked really pretty and was simple to make. We defiantly made the product standards with the biscuit being flakey and the vegetables being packed with flavour. There were no challenges we had to overcome that I remember. My greatest success with the Vegetable Pot Pie was the presentation and taste. I am most proud of trying something new because I’ve never had this before but really enjoyed it. I used my knife skills and flour method to help create this dish.

Most Challenging Lab: Thin Crust Skillet Pizza

I think my most challenging foods lab was the Thin Crust Skillet Pizza because, we were running behind, and our presentation was clearly not the best. It tasted like caramelized onion and peppers, smelled a little overcooked, looked somewhat unappetizing and felt like a lot of different textures in my mouth. There is nothing crazy that made this the most challenging lab other then we were running behind and I was not in love with the final product. We met the product standards but there was just something off about it. The only challenge we really had to over come was the onions not cooking fast enough. That made us work slower because we had more time which ended up making us be behind. We did have success though because it did taste good but all the original flavours blended together which was different. I am still proud of our final product, yeah it may not look the prettiest and the flavour is not quite there. However, if I had an opportunity to do it again I would know what to do differently.

Favourite Foods Lab: Fancy Grilled Cheese

The fancy grilled cheese was my favourite lab because it was a simple concept that I would have never come up with. In the “fancy” grilled cheese I added tomato, zucchini, white onion, cheddar and havarti cheese. It smelled like tomato, felt soft, gooey and buttery, tasted like vegetables and cheese and looked colourful and tasty. I choose this as my favourite lab because my partner and I had a lot of fun cooking, it looks really pretty and it tasted really good. There was not many challenges that I had to overcome for this lab other than my veggies taking longer to cook than expected but that just meant we had to wait longer. The greatest success about this dish was the final product and how good it actually tasted. The thing I’m most proud of from this lab was getting to try something new.

Breakfast Home Lab: Breakfast Burritos

For my Breakfast Home Lab I decided to make breakfast burritos with a ton of different ingredients. I added potato, egg, turkey bacon, spinach, cheese, onion, peppers, cherry tomato’s, fresh garlic and siracha on a whole wheat tortilla. It smelled like sautéed onions and garlic, tasted like egg, siracha, and veggies, felt soft and looked really tasty. I choose to make breakfast burritos over pancakes, a breakfast sandwich or something potato because I love breakfast burritos. I think they are so cool because of all the different flavors and ingredients you can add to them. One challenge I had to overcome was that my microwave was broken so, I had to boil the potatoes instead of put them in the microwave. I cook breakfast for my mom all the time so this was nothing super surprising for her but she always loves and appreciates my cooking. I am most proud of my presentation and being able to blend multiple different flavors together. 🙂

Comic Strip Story: Georgia’s Pool Party

Georgia’s Pool Party

The theme of our comic strip is “Happiness can be found in unlikely circumstances” so my partner (Destin Purchas) and I came up with this concept. This comic was for a “Creative and Collaboration Fluency Assignment” from my English 9 course. In this comic the main character Georgia does not want to go to a pool party because she is self conscious. Her mom makes her go and ends up having a great time. The theme “Happiness can be found in unlikely circumstances” is shown well in this comic.


Safety and Sanitation – #3

Omelet made Friday October 3rd

On Friday we walked into class washed our hands and sat down in our seats. Washing your hands as soon as you enter helps to keep any outside germs out, which is great especially in the foods room. We went over our recipe, watched a demo and got right to work. Before we start cooking we have to do 6 things first, they are as follows: put your phone away, put on an apron, tie up your hair, get recipe out, roll up sleeves and wash hands last once that is all done. We do those things to ensure we are being as clean and safe as possible before starting. When making omelets you have to make sure you cook your egg all the way through as well as your toppings to prevent illnesses. My partner Niya and I made sure that our eggs were completely cooked before adding toppings to the pan. Doing that ensures there is no risk of disease or sickness. Those are just a few reasons as to why I think Safety and Sanitation are important in the kitchen.

Communication – #4

Breakfast Hash made Tuesday October 6th

Yesterday my partner Niya and I made Breakfast Hash to conclude our breakfast unit (see photo above). I have had 3 different partners this unit but I think I worked best with Niya because, we both get along really well and help each other out. We both communicate what we want and who does what job so there is no confusion during the lab on who should be doing what. Niya and I shared cutting jobs, she grated the cheese and cracked the eggs while I was cooking the bacon and microwaving the potato. The reason I remember this is because we communicated prior to starting so that everything would be organized. It is important to have communication especially in the kitchen when there is so much happening at once. If your partner/group and you don’t communicate you could spill things, drop food, be rushed and so many other things that you just want want to have happen. The reason our food looked and tasted so good was because my partner and I talked so nothing was burnt, overcooked, undercooked, raw which gave us the best outcome. These are just a few examples of why I think communicating in the kitchen is super important.

My Most Memorable Food Experience:

Easter Dinner 2020

My most memorable food experience or memory is making Easter dinner this year. It is my most memorable experience because it was so different and weird for my family and I. Easter was in the middle of quarantine so we could not be with the rest of our family. Instead of doing nothing for Easter, my parents and I made a nice dinner. We would normally go to my grandparent’s house and my grandma would make the dinner, so this was actually really fun for us to do it ourselves. We made turkey, brussels sprouts, stuffing, gravy, veggie casserole and mashed potatoes. I was in charge of the mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts but helped out with everything. Not only did everything look really good, but it smelled and tasted even better.