Law – Criminal Law Inquiry Project

For this project, we had to create an inquiry question based on issues relevant to Criminal Law in Canada. We had to research our chosen question, explain why it was an issue worth conducting an inquiry about, and find evidence to back up our information. Then we were told to find solutions to our original question, explain whether these solutions were reasonable or not, and research other factors involved.

Core Competency Reflection

I can analyze evidence to make judgements. This project pushed me to strengthen this core competency because I was constantly having to analyze evidence and information. I believe I used a rational judgement to uncover relevant evidence to create a project I am proud of.

I can reflect on my thinking. By reflecting on my ideas I was able to take my project and edit it after I was finished to perfect and consolidate my ideas.

I can inquire into and present on topics of interest and topics related to my studies. I demonstrated this core competency by picking an inquiry question to research that was of interest to me as well as relevant to Criminal Law in Canada. My question of “what can prisons do to reduce recidivism” was very enticing and forced me to use my critical thinking skills.

I can persevere with challenging tasks and take ownership of my goals, learning and behavior. I found that creating an argument with strong evidence was a much more challenging task then originally anticipated. However, I was able to organize my thoughts and take ownership of my ideas to create a project that dove deep into my inquiry question.

I can tell the difference between facts and opinions. Going forward I would like to work more on this core competency and be able to differentiate the two better. I will do this by analyzing and rereading articles if I am not positive on its content.


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