Core Competency Reflection: Personalized Tile


This is how I select images and words to create an impact for different audiences: My choices regarding colour and shape are all connected to myself and how I wanted to create an impact for the individual looking at my piece. I selected lighter colours for the border and background because I wanted the theme of my tile to be calmer and more relaxed. I choose to create clouds and rain to express emotion and movement within my piece. I feel I selected a good amount of imagery, detail, and shape to represent me without being to overpowering or bold.

Critical and Reflective Thinking

When it seems the good ideas just wont come to me, I take myself out of a situation and try to compartmentalize my thoughts. I also like to ask my peers for their opinions or check Pinterest to help calm myself or create space in my mind to create new, better ideas. By using different sources I am able to relax, clear my head, and restart with a new mindset which helps me to generate new thoughts. I also like to look around at the areas surrounding me to pull inspiration from them.


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