Law – Criminal Law Inquiry Project

For this project, we had to create an inquiry question based on issues relevant to Criminal Law in Canada. We had to research our chosen question, explain why it was an issue worth conducting an inquiry about, and find evidence to back up our information. Then we were told to find solutions to our original […]

IDS Inquiry Reflection

My groups inquiry question is “How can an assembly celebrating and educating students on Indigenous history lead towards truth and reconciliation in our school and community?” We decided to change our inquiry question because we feel this changed one better encapsulates our goals and demonstrates how we want Truth and Reconciliation Day to go. I […]

Metalwork Progress Reflection

Critical and Reflective Thinking Having never been in a metal class before, using the torches at the start was very intimidating. We were tasked with creating a copper rose using the Jewelry Torch but before we could start we had to do a demo on the Acetylene Torch. I was worried about using the torch, […]

Spanish Dialogue

Collaborating and Communicating I feel my group collaborated and communicated well, and that helped us to complete our first Spanish presentation smoothly. Working with others can be hard when you are not yet well acquainted with them, but my group persevered and we were all able to communicate effectively to get the job done. I […]

English First Peoples 11 Reflection

My Artifact Curricular Competency Reflection Create and Communicate: What did you learn about Indigenous themes, issues, or perspectives during this assignment or task and how did you grow in your writing, speaking, or representing skills?  In the process of creating this infographic for the main character in “The Mountain Legend” by Jordan Wheeler I believe I gained […]

Graphing a Parabola

Curricular Task Having ‘a’ being negative determines that the parabola is going to face downwards. Having 0<a<1 also tells us that this specific parabola is going to expand by a factor of negative one third. When ‘h’ is negative it shifts right, so when h=-7 the parabolas vertex shifts 7 to the right. When ‘k’ […]