IDS Inquiry Reflection

IDS February Monthly Log

My groups inquiry question is “How can an assembly celebrating and educating students on Indigenous history lead towards truth and reconciliation in our school and community?” We decided to change our inquiry question because we feel this changed one better encapsulates our goals and demonstrates how we want Truth and Reconciliation Day to go. I have spent every cent time with my group members and Ms. Razzell brainstorming, planning, and talking about how to create an inclusive, open school community. The resources I have been using week after week include Google, Office 365, YouTube, and EduBlog to help support me in my work. My group has tried to work through many struggles such as budgeting problems, time management, and engagement issues with students. We have done our best to overcome these complications and figure out ways to work around them. I have grown immensely in my Communication Core Competency by being a part of the Social Justice Committee and really feeling like my ideas and opinions are heard. Listening to other members opinions and suggestions has also helped me to be a better group member and collaborator. I will show my growth, understanding, and learning of my IDS project through Truth and Reconciliation week next September when my group and I are finally able to show our work. I will be able to have a final plan and schedule ready to present by May to Early June of this year to demonstrate my project.

Spanish Dialogue

Collaborating and Communicating

I feel my group collaborated and communicated well, and that helped us to complete our first Spanish presentation smoothly. Working with others can be hard when you are not yet well acquainted with them, but my group persevered and we were all able to communicate effectively to get the job done. I believe for my first Spanish project of the year I did a proficient job, but have some areas of growth. My group members and I were able to share our opinions and ideas with each other to create a good project. If I were able to go back and change anything it would be to focus more on little mistakes in our script and the presentation because, I feel that would make the project more preferable. Overall, I feel for the first presentation of the semester I am proud of the outcome and am excited to improve on my Spanish presenting and writing skills.

Core Competency Self-Assessment

Communication and Thinking

Dichotomous Button Sorting Key

I chose communication as one of the core competencies that best connected to my dichotomous key button project because of the group aspect. I displayed communication through asking questions, listening to my peers and working well with my partner. Communication is a critical part of group work because without it, the end result would never turn out like you want it to. Listening to each others ideas, speaking our opinions, understanding how we work together and allowing one another to take over at times helped us to collaborate well. I also enjoyed the critical thinking aspects of this assignment as my partner and I constantly had to step back and rethink our decisions. Changing button placements and switching how we looked at our key helped us to come out with the result we did. This project was challenging at times however, I enjoyed thinking outside the box.

English 10 Core Competency Self-Assessment


Atticus Finch Body Biography from “To Kill a Mockingbird”

Starting this project I chose my friend Tyler as my partner because I already knew we would have good communication and be able to create a positive project. The best thing we did was assign ourselves different sections of the assignment to focus on separate parts. Doing this gave us the ability to both be working during class as well as taking our own parts home to work on. I demonstrated communication through the body biography project we did in my English 10 class. There were times where we disagreed but it was always over something iota and we never had it weigh over us for too long. Overall this project was a complete success and hope I am able to continue growing in all aspects of my learning and development.