Music Monday “LAND” Map Assignment: Self Assessment

Curricular Response

It was quite easy for me to choose the quotations I was going to use. The lyrics that I found to be most captivating I wanted to use. One of the quotes chosen was “Living in peace – you see thousands of teepees”. From this quote, it was quite easy to draw a picture as all I did was draw a few teepees on some mountains. This was also a representation of before their land was taken from them, they had a peaceful life and their community was strong.

Core Competency Self-Assessment

I overall enjoyed this assignment as it was very different and more creative than the assignments we usually have. However, with the creativity came some challenges for me. For example, I didn’t know what map to choose at first but ultimately ended up choosing the turtle as I had an idea of where I was going to draw things inside of it. Another problem that arose was in the beginning, I had all my quotations and binary opposites but was struggling with what to draw. In the end, I drew pictures that related to the quotes I already has. Ex. if the quote mentioned peace I drew a peace sign.

Law- Separation Agreement

Divorce Artifact

This is a section of our agreement

About the activity

My partner and I each got assigned a certain person who wanted certain things from the divorce. Our goal was to try to win them as many things as they wanted. We came up with an agreement by negotiating for the things we wanted.

Core Competency Reflection

I can think about what I am going to convey and to whom I will convey it – I chose this one because I needed to have had a plan about what I was going to say when we began negotiating and how to fight back if they argued with me.

I can work with others to achieve a goal – I chose this one because the whole point of this project was to have a separation agreement by the end. Somethings one partner was happy with but the other wasn’t so we had to renegotiate to try to find a middle ground.

I can be kind to others, and support others when they need it – My partner and I both struggle at some points not to be rude, however, I feel I was kind when asking for things and tried to accommodate my partner if they weren’t the happiest.

I can advocate for myself – Pretty much through the entire project we were advocating for ourselves as we were trying to come up with a way to get what we wanted to keep during the divorce.

I can use strategies to help me find peace and sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. – I want to work towards this as I sometimes feel overwhelmed with my projects and don’t know where to being. I am also very busy so I lot of the time I am staying up late at night to finish it and then falling asleep during class. I need to take a step back and see what needs to change in my life for me to become more successful and have a happier life.

Conics Project: Demos Self Portrait

For this project, we were required to make a self-portrait using the graph functions we had learned this year. We were allowed to trace our portrait using a photo of ourselves from our camera roll. I had chosen a photo of myself as a guide not realizing how difficult it would be to make my hair. My hair alone took me over 3 hours as I had to do every little section piece by piece. It was very time-consuming and the only way for me to get the look I wanted. I had to use liner, cubic, parabolas and cos x functions. However, once I got the look I was looking for I was relieved and happy to be done with it. I also added some extra details to my portrait such as a necklace as I was wearing one in the photo and thought I should include it. As well as doing every individual tooth as I am smiling and at first was only going to draw one parabola across and not show my teeth. When I started to do my teeth though it looked good so I did the whole thing. To get the exact colour of my eyes, skin, and shirt I used an eyedropper tool that gave me the colour and I just typed it in to the system for the part I needed it for. My eye outline was probably the easiest for me to draw as I have almond shaped eyes and I only needed to use two parabolas for each eye. I decided to only fill my lips, eyes and eyebrows in as I had originally planned to fill in my hair as well, but I did not want to loose out on the detail I had added to it. So I just left the outline. I also realized that once you had run out of lower case letters you could use capital letters for when you type in the colour or when filling in a facial feature. For my nose I used a hyperbola for the structure of the upper part of my noes and the two circles which I restricted to make semicircles and at the bottom a cos x function. The noes took some time to get right I do think the finial nose turned out great. It was difficult to place the nose in the right place as my face is not centred in the middle of the graph and so the nose had to be a little of centred. I also used more than what was needed for the required graphs like two hyperbolas, and five circles. I feel I have done a great job with making this portrait look similar to me and I think it was really cool to know that I could make a whole self portrait of myself using only graphs.

Chemistry 11 Core Competency Reflection

Titration Conclusion:

The purpose of this lab was to use the technique known as titration to find out the concentration of certain substances. The molarity of a standard solution is reacted with a solution of an unknown concentration. Acid-base titrations involve a neutralization between aqueous hydrogen and hydroxide ions. The hydroxide ions from the NaOH solution react with a 1-to-1 ratio of H ions from HCl to form neutral water molecules. To indicate the number of moles of acids equals the number of moles of bases we use phenolphthalein. This is known as the equivalence point. For my results in this lab, I first found the NaOH to find the moles of HCl then used moles over litters to figure out my molarity. I got 0.152M as my HCl.

My Refection:

After watching Ms. Borges show us how to do the lab I was very scared to do this lab as we only were able to ask Ms. Borges 2 questions before she docked marks. Luckily, my partner and I were able to pull it off and finish the lab within the first day. We had some troubles at first with getting the correct concentration. But once we did, we were able to get a very light pink colour that lasted 30 seconds.


I chose to reflect on my communication skills for this Lab because I believe my partner and I were able to talk with each other about what needed to be done for this Lab. As we were going through the lab and after we set everything up we started our experiment. I calculated all the volumes as we were told only one of us should so the recordings are more accurate. Loreen and I spoke to each other as each one of us poured NaOH into the solution so we could see if we could get light pink that would last in colour. We also made sure to listen to each other when one of us said to start adding half drops. Loreen and I worked well together because we talked to each other throughout the experiment and were able to achieve a light pink-coloured solution.

Spanish 11 Core Competency Self Assessment

For this assignment, we were asked to create a script about Romeo Y Julieta. My Group and I worked well together and were able to finish are script within the time frame given and meet all the criteria. We all communicated with each other well and made sure to give one another a chance to speak. However, I do wish I would have said more as I feel like a could’ve added more to the script. For next time, I want to focus on talking more to add my thoughts to the script. I also want to make sure we have enough time to read the script before handing it in so we can check that we have everything needed and that it makes sense. Overall I am pleased with how this assignment turned out.

Cooking at home: Turning leftovers into something new

For the cooking at home assingnment I decided to make homeade mac and cheese using leftover pasta in my frige. Privously the night before my mom had made some alferdo pasta for dinner, but she had cooked to much pasta which we then put the pasta in its own little container. I also had some left over lays chips that were going to go stale soon, so I decided to use them ontop my mac and cheese as a cunchy element. First, I started making a roux, which included butter sligtly brown, flour and milk. Then once that was all smooth I added in to different delicious cheeses, which were cheddar and mozzarella. Once everything was combined the cheese sauce was complete and it looked so good. Next, I added in my leftover pasta into the sauce and mixed then together. Then I poured the mixture into a glass casserole dish and added on the bread crumbs, lays potato chips and exrtra cheese. I put it into the oven and when it came out it looked awesome there was bubbly cheese and top with crisp bread crums. For this recipe I used this link here . If I were to make this dish again I would change nothing, I was so, so, so good! There was only only thing I had to overcome I did not have heavy whipping cream, so instead I had to subsititute it for milk, which worked really good it just made the mac and chhese a little more runny. My favorite part of this recipe was me eating the mac and cheese at the end I loved it so much. I am most proud that I was able to create a new dish using leftovers!

Cooking at home #7 – Family Traditions

For my Dish this week I decided I would make something really nostalgic for my family. That dish is pasta! every Thursday my family and I would have pasta, and every time the pasta would be severed with tomato sauce. This was something I loved eating as a child, but as my brothers and I got older my parents stopped making it. So, it was really great to go back and have it again. It brought up a lot of memories for me and almost made me cry. How I made this dish was very simple, first I started off by boiling and salting some water. Then, I wait for the water to boil and added in my pasta. Next, I strained my streaming hot pasta and added it to my favorite bowl. Lastly, I mixed up the sauce and added it on top of the pasta, then I stirred it all together and enjoyed it. Surprisingly for the first time, I did not face any challenges through making the pasta. My favorite part of the dish was the end result just the taste of the Jared sauce and the pasta mixed together brought back so many happy memories. Even though this dish is very simple and easy it means a lot to me and I would never want to forget all the great times this pasta gave me. Lastly, when I used to eat the dish with my family my favorite part was when my dad would come home and we would eat it all together. Sometimes, my mom would make her own sauce or add in meatballs, but this is how I member it the most.

Buddha Bowl

Last week, for are cooking at home assignment we were asked to make Buddha bowls. At first, I had no idea what a buddha bowl was until I looked up some pictures and saw that a buddha bowl was basically a big salad. I was really excited to make this but I was nervous to cook raw meat because I wanted to add chicken to mine. I now realize that a buddha bowl is supposed to be vegetarian, but it’s okay. So, I cut the chicken into cubs so they were easier to cook, then put the chicken into a pan and started cooking it which I was so scared that the chicken wasn’t going to be fully cooked. In the end, though I had fully cooked my chicken and it was super juicy. I cut up all the veggies into thin strips and made some brown rice for the base of the bowl. I put some zucchini into a pan and began to cook it with some spices unit tender. Then, I began stacking everything in order so that the bowl would look aesthetically pleasing. First, I put down the healthy brow rice at the bottom. Next, I added in some romaine lettuce to give the bowl some crunch, and then on tope added in my veggie which was avocado, for creaminess, carrots for some crunch, Zucchini for some flavor and my chicken for some texture. My favorite thing about making this bowl was the end result, It tasted really delicious and looked so beautiful.

This is how my buddha bowl turned out!!