Law – Criminal Law Inquiry Project

For this project, we had to create an inquiry question based on issues relevant to Criminal Law in Canada. We had to research our chosen question, explain why it was an issue worth conducting an inquiry about, and find evidence to back up our information. Then we were told to find solutions to our original […]

Core Competency Goals

I respectfully advocate for my needs by asking for help when appropriate and communicating with my peers. Asking for help can be scary sometimes but I have learned not asking for assistance is much worse. Talking to my peers helps me better connect to them and benefits both of us in the end. Some skills […]

Core Competency Self Assessment

Critical and Reflective Thinking Skills I used both critical and reflective thinking skills when making floral embroidery for Arts and Crafts. I was assigned a personal textiles project and was given a lot of creative freedom to make whatever I want. I decided to embroider because I had minimal experience and it would have a […]