Communication – #4

Breakfast Hash made Tuesday October 6th

Yesterday my partner Niya and I made Breakfast Hash to conclude our breakfast unit (see photo above). I have had 3 different partners this unit but I think I worked best with Niya because, we both get along really well and help each other out. We both communicate what we want and who does what job so there is no confusion during the lab on who should be doing what. Niya and I shared cutting jobs, she grated the cheese and cracked the eggs while I was cooking the bacon and microwaving the potato. The reason I remember this is because we communicated prior to starting so that everything would be organized. It is important to have communication especially in the kitchen when there is so much happening at once. If your partner/group and you don’t communicate you could spill things, drop food, be rushed and so many other things that you just want want to have happen. The reason our food looked and tasted so good was because my partner and I talked so nothing was burnt, overcooked, undercooked, raw which gave us the best outcome. These are just a few examples of why I think communicating in the kitchen is super important.


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