Most Successful Foods Lab: Vegetable Pot Pie

My most successful lab I feel was my Vegetable Pot Pie because we finished it in a good time period, it tasted really good and also looked really pretty. It smelled like a biscuit, tasted like veggies and a flakey crust, looked colourful, and felt creamy. I choose this as my most successful lab because it tasted so good and flavorful, looked really pretty and was simple to make. We defiantly made the product standards with the biscuit being flakey and the vegetables being packed with flavour. There were no challenges we had to overcome that I remember. My greatest success with the Vegetable Pot Pie was the presentation and taste. I am most proud of trying something new because I’ve never had this before but really enjoyed it. I used my knife skills and flour method to help create this dish.


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