Core Competency Goals

I respectfully advocate for my needs by asking for help when appropriate and communicating with my peers. Asking for help can be scary sometimes but I have learned not asking for assistance is much worse. Talking to my peers helps me better connect to them and benefits both of us in the end.

Some skills I have developed to make my school work perform better are knowing strategies of how to keep myself calm and engaged. I find listening to music, drinking water, dim lighting and being comfortable, really benefit me when I am studying or doing assignments. Feeling rushed to complete work is one of my biggest downfalls and nothing ever comes out how I want it to when I am in a hurry. Not procrastinating is a big way of how I get my school work to perform better.

One of the ways I ensure my group is clear on the common purpose is to communicate my ideas and hear what my group members thoughts are. Making sure everyone feels included and has a job ensures we will be the most productive and complete our work with no setbacks.


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