Favourite Foods Lab: Fancy Grilled Cheese

The fancy grilled cheese was my favourite lab because it was a simple concept that I would have never come up with. In the “fancy” grilled cheese I added tomato, zucchini, white onion, cheddar and havarti cheese. It smelled like tomato, felt soft, gooey and buttery, tasted like vegetables and cheese and looked colourful and tasty. I choose this as my favourite lab because my partner and I had a lot of fun cooking, it looks really pretty and it tasted really good. There was not many challenges that I had to overcome for this lab other than my veggies taking longer to cook than expected but that just meant we had to wait longer. The greatest success about this dish was the final product and how good it actually tasted. The thing I’m most proud of from this lab was getting to try something new.


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